Skill Hire Finals Series begins for Grades B and belowMonday, August 14, 2017 - 3:56 PM

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The 2017 WAAFL Skill Hire Finals Series kicks off this Saturday 19 August for Grades B and below (except D2).

The beginning of the finals campaign marks the end of the season for some teams while others are only four weeks away from premiership glory.

Forty-nine clubs have made it through to the finals so far with Swan Athletic leading the way with five teams through (B, BR, E2, DBC, BJC) closely followed by Ballajura (C1, C1R, E3, IDC) Ellenbrook (C3, C3R, E3, WCE) and North Fremantle (B, BR, DBC, BJC) with four teams through.

Grades with an eight-team competition will see the top four teams through to finals while ten team grades will have a top five finals series.

Teams that finished on top of the ladder at the end of round eighteen will have a week’s break before beginning their finals campaign next weekend.

Our minor premiers in our league competitions were B Kingsway, C1 Kingsley, C2 Gosnells, C3 SNESA, C4 Cockburn Cobras, D1 University, E1 East Fremantle, E2 Swan Athletic and E3 Noranda.

In the Colts competitions, our minor premiers were DBC Swan Athletic, IDC Ballajura, LKC Canning Vale, WCE Jandakot and BJC University.

A Grade, A Reserves, D2, D2 Reserves and Phil Scott Colts will continue with their home and away season this week with finals commencing next weekend.

Bounce down for all league games is at 2:30pm, following reserves at 12:35pm and Colts at 10:40am. 

Fixtures and Results:


Undefeated Teams 

C2 Gosnells

C2R Ocean Ridge

C3R Ellenbrook

E1 East Fremantle

LKC Canning Vale

WCE Jandakot