Nineteen Clubs Celebrate Premiership GloryMonday, September 11, 2017 - 3:15 PM

Nineteen clubs celebrated premierships last Saturday with the B-E Grade Grand Finals taking place across Perth.

Wanneroo (B, DBC), University (D1, BJC) and North Fremantle (D2, D2R) were the most successful on the day securing two premierships each.

North Beach (D1R) and East Fremantle (E1) made it back to back premierships in their grades while Thornlie also made it back to back premierships claiming the C2 premiership in 2016 before moving up a grade and taking out the C1 premiership this season.

After the disappointment of finishing as runners up in 2016, Kingsley (C1R) Osborne Park (C4R) and University (BJC) went on to claim the premiership this season in their respective grades.

Only ten teams out of twenty-two who finished on top of the ladder as minor premiers went on to win the premiership four weeks later.

While there was plenty of success on Saturday, the runners up were left to wonder what could have been. One team who would have felt the loss more than others was the Gosnells C2 side who finished the season undefeated before losing the most important match of the year to Bassendean.

In the Ian Dargie Colts Noranda suffered their second Grand Final loss as well as Secret Harbour who finished as runners up for a second straight season in the West Coast Eagles Colts.

While the B-E Grade premiers continue their celebrations, the A Grade Grand Finals take place this Saturday 16 September at Steel Blue Oval.


B-E Grand Final Results


Wanneroo           14.7 (91)

Kingsway             10.7 (67)

Best on Ground: John Brunton (Wanneroo)

B Reserve

Kingsway             8.4 (52)

Wanneroo         3.11 (29)

Best on Ground: Alex Smith (Kingsway)


Thornlie            13.11 (89)

Kingsley              11.8 (74)

Best on Ground: Brad Fry (Thornlie)

C1 Reserve

Kingsley              9.5 (59)

Willetton            5.8 (38)

Best on Ground: Joe Schubert (Kingsley)


Bassendean      15.7 (97)

Gosnells             11.7 (73)

Best on Ground: Daniel Macaulay (Bassendean)

C2 Reserve

Ocean Ridge            6.9 (45)

Warnbro Swans      3.5 (23)

Best on Ground: Cameron England (Ocean Ridge)


Dianella Morley          14.15 (99)

SNESA                           11.10 (76)

Best on Ground: Bryce Ryder (Dianella Morley)

C3 Reserve

Ellenbrook                12.6 (78)

Piara Waters              8.3 (51)

Best on Ground: Kyle Baker (Ellenbrook)


Secret Harbour        13.10 (88)

Kwinana                     10.6 (66)

Best on Ground: Ryan Stewart (Secret Harbour)


Osborne Park              7.3 (45)

Jandakot                      6.5 (41)

Best on Ground: Ashley McLean (Osborne Park)


University               4.10 (34)

Trinity Aquinas        3.8 (26)

Best on Ground: Charlie Hutton (University)

D1 Reserve

North Beach                 9.7 (61)

University                     6.8 (44)

Best on Ground: Joe Boys (North Beach)


North Fremantle      11.12 (78)

Kingsway                        4.7 (31)

Best on Ground: Reuben Cranny (North Freo)

D2 Reserve

North Fremantle       17.9 (111)

Mt Lawley                      7.1 (43)

Best on Ground: Michael Minervini (North Freo)


East Fremantle          11.8 (74)

Roleystone                   5.3 (33)

Best on Ground: Gavin Olsen (Roleystone)


West Coast          9.9 (63)

Swan Athletic      9.7 (61)

Best on Ground: Shannon Stack (Swan Athletic)


Willetton            11.6 (72)

Noranda               4.7 (31)

Best on Ground: Joel Horsley (Willetton)

Drew Banfield Colts

Wanneroo             10.4 (64)

Swan Athletic          1.4 (10)

Best on Ground: Liam Tedesco (Wanneroo)

Ian Dargie Colts

Melville               7.8 (50)

Noranda              5.4 (34)

Best on Ground: Travis Rodin Zimdahl (Melville)

Laurie Keene Colts

Canning Vale           8.9 (57)

Gosnells                   7.5 (47)

Best on Ground: Luke Tanner (Canning Vale)

West Coast Eagles Colts

Jandakot                12.8 (80)

Secret Harbour       5.7 (37)

Best on Ground: Ryan Perkins (Jandakot)

Brett Jones Colts

University                14.13 (97)

Trinity Aquinas             1.1 (7)

Best on Ground: Connor Smallwood (University)