2017 Scratch Match Requests

Requests for umpires for preseason scratch matches may now be submitted using the form below.

Requests for umpires for scratch matches must be received by Daniel Hitchcock at least one week prior to the scratch match on the form below. 
After confirmation of umpire appointments (Thursday morning before) the home club is required to pay $100/game if the request is only for field umpires, or $200/game if the request is for field, boundary and goal umpires to the Umpires Association bank account prior to the match. 
HEAT POLICY Umpires are not permitted to umpire pre-season scratch matches in the middle of the day where the forecast maximum temperature is 35 C or above. If the forecast is 35 C or above, games need to be completed before noon or commenced after 4.30pm. 
APPOINTMENTS Umpire appointments will be finalised by the Thursday morning prior to the weekend of matches and will be confirmed to the clubs via the email address provided. 
Every effort will be made to fill as many matches as possible but as demand is higher than availability, clubs need to be prepared to find their own umpires should their matches not be filled. If field umpires only are requested the expectation is that clubs will supply their own boundary and goal umpires. 
FIXTURE CHANGE The umpiring department must be notified of any change to start times after at least 48 hours prior to the new scheduled start time otherwise we cannot guarantee umpire availability. 

For further information contact:  Daniel Hitchcock-  dhitchcock@hallprior.com.au


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