North Fremantle 2018 Coaching Position

2018 COACHING POSITION: North Fremantle Amateur Football Club:

The North Fremantle Amateur Fooball Club is advertising a coaching vacancy for our Thirds Senior Team.  Our Thirds went Premiers in 2017.  The 2017 incumbent has taken on the role as League Reserves Coach for 2018.  The thirds, as with all teams are also under the watchful eye of our Senior Club Coach Shane Woewodin.  His influence has been positive across all teams, seniors and colts.  This is a great opportunity for an experienced coach looking to develop their knowledge and skills under the tutelage of a highly credentialed Club Senior Coach.   The Thirds have been part of the evolving strategic development with the Reserves and League teams. 

Interested applicants are invited to submit an expression of interest in the position, including a resume, emailed to the President by December 6.


Tony Misich,
President, North Fremantle Amateur Football Club
0419 929 833